CUOL offers “Pay per Lecture”, a service which allows you to rent individual lectures online.  If you have missed a lecture, you can catch up easily and conveniently without coming to campus to view or rent the lecture.

You use your Campus Card to charge the rental fee for your lecture.  The lecture is then made available to you for the period of one week, to stream on your computer.

Course rental cost is $6.00 for a week’s lecture. If your course has more than one lecture per week the cost is pro-rated. For instance, if there are 2 lectures per week, then each lecture will cost $3.00 to rent.

This service is intended for occasional use.  The Video On Demand service is recommended for regular access to classes.  With the VOD service, lectures remain available all term, you can download lectures as well as stream them, and it is more economical over the term.

Instructions for Pay Per Lecture rentals:

  • Click here and choose your course and go to the course’s VOD page.
  • Select your lecture and click “Rent this lecture”
  • A pop-up box will appear showing the cost of the lecture.  You must enter your MyCarleton username, password, campus card barcode, and date of birth, click the box to agree to pay CUOL the amount specified, and submit.
  • Once it is approved, the page will refresh and you will have access to the lecture.  You will also see a counter that shows how much longer you have on your rental.
  • To return to the lecture another time, go to the VOD login page and login in using your MyCarleton username and password.  You will see the courses in which you have rented lectures in the “My VOD Courses” list.
  • To add money to your campus card, click here.

Note – if ITS updates are being performed that affect campus card payments, new rentals cannot be processed (see service updates for information).