You can watch CUOL lectures by subscribing to VOD or by renting a single lecture with our new Pay Per Lecture service.  Terms of use

Want to try it out? Watch the first lecture of your CUOL course online! Just click on any VOD course shown in the ‘free trial lectures’ link (below) and you can view it for free.  The option of downloading the VOD lectures is available only to VOD subscribers and not offered as a free service.

The cost for VOD service is $50 per course per half credit ($40 per half credit in the summer).

To access the VOD lectures, please use your MyCarleton One (cuLearn) username and password. For faculty members and staff, please use your CUNET account. Note that the username must be in lower case.  VOD access is available the day after you register for the service in Carleton Central.

Questions regarding Video On Demand?  Contact us at

Video on Demand is now back to normal operation. We are sorry for any inconvenience that was caused.

You can also follow us @askcuol to receive the latest announcements and service updates.